PositiveDomain.com - Plan 2 (NT) plan

XD2 Secure Hosting

- New York, NY 10007 U.S.A.
   Tel: 917-4444444
Fax: N/A

Plan details

Platform: Windows
Monthly Price: $35.00
Diskspace: 250 MB
Bandwidth: 3 GB(or 300,000 Monthly Page Views)
Account Setup: 4 hrs.
Minimun Contract: No minimum
Autoresponders: 1
Databases: ACCESS, SQL
Server Software: PHP4,Cgi-bin, Perl5, MySQL, etc.
Server Components: Webmail, SSL,Qmail
   Annual Price: $420.00
Setup Fee: No Set Up Fee
Extra B/W Price: n/a
Backup Frequency: Weekly
Moneyback Guarantee: 30 days
Email Accounts: 45
Connection Speed: Multiple T3
Server Hardware: Dual Pentium III
Business Hours:
Technical Support:

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